Trawlers & Wellboats

From as far back as 1918, Ferguson's have been involved in providing vessels to the fishing industry. Howeveany changes in the company strategy over the years, saw a move towards specialisation in other types of vessel, moving the yard away from what had been a successful area of operation.

Ferguson's have not been involved with fishing fleets since 1974, but it is now the intention to change that with the rebirth of the yard and the introduction of world-leading sectional build-and-fit procedures which will see the yard building as many as six vessels simultaneously, including state-of-the-art Trawlers and Wellboats.


Freezer stern trawler
for: British United Trawlers limited


1,448g. 537n. 63.9 x 13.00 x 8.3m.

6-cyl. 4SA (380 x 457mm) oil engine, Sr geared 2 x 372Kw. (3,810bhp) by Mirrlees, Blackstone Ltd., Stockport. 3 x 340Kw. Generators 420v 50Hz A.C Controllable pitch propeller.

Transferred to British United Trawlers Ltd., Grimsby. 1978: Transferred to Hill. 1981: Laid up. 1984: Sold to Norwegian owners: 1987: Renamed JAN MAYEN. 1987: Renamed OCEAN TRAWELLER. 199: Renamed REM?YFJORD. 2000: Sold to Russian owners and renamed OCEAN TRAWELLER. 2008: Scrapped.

  • St Benedict renamed Will Watch


    for: T Hamling, Hull


  • St Finbarr


    for: T Hamling, Hull

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