Research & Technology

Ferguson Marine understands that our customers increasingly depend on our ability to develop innovation and new technologies in order to maximise their operational efficiency, to reduce operational costs and to comply with increasingly stringent international safely and emissions regulations.  Our Innovation and New Technologies team exists to help satisfy your requirements by:

  • developing our engagement with new technologies, most notably across marine propulsion; marine energy; and other process and product innovation that will improve the yard and the ships it builds; and
  • leading a programme of projects, collaborations and partnerships that will develop our innovative and technological capabilities further.


Ferguson Marine welcomes innovative partnerships that complement our sectoral R&D capability, our specialist knowledge and our desire to champion new technologies and drive forward innovation.  We welcome opportunities to engage with ship owners, operators and offshore energy developers in the innovation stages of product development, using our long-standing expertise in marine engineering to advise on practicality and detail.


In particular, Ferguson Marine is keen to engage with partners across the sector to develop and improve new propulsion technologies.  The yard built the world’s first two diesel-lithium ion hybrid ferries in 2012 and 2013 and launched the third in December 2015. 

In September 2015, Ferguson Marine was awarded the contract to build the UK’s first two LNG ferries and is developing this key propulsion technology across all vessel types.  We are also keen to develop other new fuel types, with a particular emphasis on zero carbon emissions.  Alongside this, we promote other technological advances, including paint or software solutions that improve our products and processes for customers.


In addition, our advanced engineering capabilities mean that Ferguson Marine is the ideal fabrication partner for wider marine projects - applying our marine expertise to the developing wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors.  We expect non-ship fabrication to increase and welcome collaboration with organisations across the sector to develop and build individual renewable devices, foundations and mooring systems, as well as to supply support vessels and barges.  Non-ship fabrication accounts for about 25% of current business, and we expect this to increase.

The Ferguson Marine’s Innovation Programme provides the framework for our involvement in specific R&D projects with individual companies, specialist suppliers, academia and consortia to test new technologies, improve systems, and make processes more efficient, thereby maximising quality and reducing costs for owners and operators.  Some projects have already been granted funding and are underway; others are in the application stage for early implementation.


This focus on innovative and technologically advanced production differentiates Ferguson Marine, extending our reputation for innovation and excellence globally as we become one of the most advanced shipbuilders in Europe.

Low and zero carbon technologies helps governments and operators across the world to provide efficient services and achieve climate change targets.  Nearly 90% of trade is still transported by sea; marine diesel is the one of the most widely used fuels in island and coastal communities; and many maritime nations offer lifeline ferry services.   Our green ship technologies reduce the global emissions of carbon and other pollutants, helping to ensure that the vessels using our waters are low carbon, pre-empting our customer needs to satisfy marine regulations.  In addition, we can lead in supporting marine energy companies to build the renewable wave, tidal and offshore wind devices that will power our island and coastal communities worldwide.

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